Computers and children a boon or bane

Television has given platform to talented children learning various vocations to show case their talents and even win prizes it has given them an opportunity to taste instant stardom as they become known faces some have cashed on this fact and given stage programmes worldwide at the same time. One good example of this is the computer it can be used everywhere-offices,libraries,schools and banks especially for me as a student because sometimes i do have assignments that need researches another is the washing machine which helps us in washing our clothes instead of using our own. Children learn from their parents, and if you want them to listen to what you are saying, you need to build that habit by giving them your complete attention when they are talking to you as parents it is up to us to make the best use of the digital world make the effort to research what your children. Debate computer and children bane so, i whole heartedly oppose that computer is a boon for children it is a big burden onthe tiny shoulders of the school going wailing child which is made to carry small satchel on them. Even children are proudly flashing their smartphones these days and using them at all times in almost all cases, these smartphones are being given to the importance of adult supervision experts say that if a child is given a smartphone before the age of 16 years there should be strict monitoring by.

At a time when technology has all but overtaken most aspects of life, a new study titled students, computers and learning, by the oecd - organization for economic cooperation and development - a global group with 34 member countries interested in progress and world trade, has found that increasing technology in classrooms may not result in better education for children. Many of the little children i see in stores, restaurants, and other public places are kept occupied by their parents computer screen lighting causes eye strain 20 minutes of exposure to a computer changes the chemistry if young children don't get a multitude of real learning experiences in nature. Science is a good servant but a bad master as a servant, it makes life comfortable, easy, luxurious and more meaningful but as a bad master, it is a devil then it turns life into destruction, curse, hell, and ruin. There are two essay about computer is a curse or blessing (boon) school students of class (std) 5,6,7,8,9 are advised to edit few to make it for your need 2nd essay is very much ready made for class 5 and 6.

Computers are a boon and also a bane computers are neither a boon nor a bane by themselves the computers have their advantages they have loads of information on it and can also be used for wrong purposes so the boon or bane does not depend on the computer but the way we use it that will make a difference. The university of cambridge will establish a research centre, the leverhulme centre for the future of intelligence, to explore the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence as it approaches human-levels what it is today's science and technology are nearing a point where computers can recreate. Computers are a big boon to children as they not only help them with their education but also help them enhance their knowledge in many ways but due to the presence of this electronic device, children have started spending more time in front of it as computer games have become a dearly thing to them.

Debate on 'computers and children:a boon or bane' english unit 6(c) - children and computers. Boon (helpful), or bane (hurtful) list all the possibilities of how computer use could affect children if you use a 2 column system, you will be able to see 'answers or replies' for each emerge. Without computers, there would be no food, medicine, schools, government, corporations etc of course, civilisation got along just fine 100+ years ago before electricity but now almost everything you see, do and take for granted relies on electricity and computers i'd say they are a boon. Computers - they have evolved rapidly at the rate of knots a few decades ago, a single computer was so big that it required a big room to fit in and it used to be surrounded with many fans and other cooling equipments to keep the temperatures down at functional levelnow that same computer can.

Free essays on debate on computer and children a boon or a bane get help with your writing 1 through 30. Children born today are technology savvy almost right at birth kids as young as 18 to 24 months use mobiles and tabs with great ease though they learn a couple of things there too but overuse of it can lead to some behavioral issues like attention deficit, hyperactivity restlessness and aggression. Debate on 'computers and children:a boon or bane' | otherwise, their children will have to face a lot of problems like any other technology, computers have their own demerits if overused or negatively used, but i completely disagree that using a computer every day can have more adverse effects than. Computer and its advantages : computer is a electronic device that can store informationit can also manipulate and transmit datait can process and retrieve data very fastsuper computer is helpful for weather forecastingtelephone booths, hotels, railway stations,banks uses. It came as a surprise to everybody after our pm narendra modi declared on trashing the 500 and 1000 rupees notes pm's move on banning the respective notes certainly may be the ray of hope to sweep out corruption and a boon to every tax-payer the attempt to wipe out black money and corruption.

Computers and children a boon or bane

Did you know that the researchers have come up with the proven fact that these toys greatly help in calming the nerves thus increasing concentration it is known to help hyper active kids to be hooked to one place the fidget spinners are also known to be a boon for attention deficit kids who suffer from. Read more quotes and sayings about computer in childrens life bane or boon. The viruses which enter our computer from some sites, not only manipulate with our privacy, but also cause but our topic of discussion here is whether internet is only a boon or it can be a bane too today's children and youth can be easily misleaded by the wrong content in some wrong websites. Computer is a boon for us and also bane for us a computer plays a very important role in a child's life it can help in the academics activitiesit can enhance his creativity and knowldegeit has of course,negative effects alsotoo much use of computers causes eye strain,reduces outdoor activities,and encourage the userto have access to some.

  • To answer the question whether science has come to mankind as a boon or as a use for ruin (bane), one should know what science exactly means science is said to be a systematic classification of experiences we, men wonder at the various things and events happening around us.
  • One-fourth of teenagers admitted that their quality of sleep is affected by leaving on the tv, video games, or computer — highlights the survey the main reason parents give mobile phones to their children is during emergency, it makes it easier for them to keep in touch with their kids and know.

Some student rep-resentatives have also been invited to participate to discuss the role that infor-mation technology / computers play in the growth and development of children question 9: you will now hold an actual class debate on the topic 'computers and children: a boon or a bane. Computers attached to internet are more prone to virus attacks which can end up into crashing your whole hard disk, or the loss addictions prolonged usage of the internet can form unhealthy addictions not only for children, teenagers, but for adults as well according to me internet is boon than bane. Conclusion: the answer to 'whether the internet is boon or bane is debatable' and just like all the other advancements in technology, we have to accept the two sides of the same coin the internet can and will be used for good or bad.

computers and children a boon or bane Children during their vacation spend their time on tv and it makes a great difference for old people as they have nothing to do because they get retired, they can spend their free time on watching various programs there will be old super duper hits and new super hits movies coming up all through the day.
Computers and children a boon or bane
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